8" Wide Cedar Pickets in McKinney Texas with Charlie Mike Construction! 469-677-7663 (ROOF)

Charlie Mike Construction shows the 8'' wide Cedar Pickets!

 As promised, 2017 is the year that Charlie Mike Construction has promised to change the fence market.  Here's the pictures of our most recent project that includes a 2x6 pressure treated retaining wall. You may also notice the true 8'' wide pickets that is exclusively sold through Charlie Mike Construction's fence division.  Our customer is have been building this project in stages and the last stage will be the decorative trim pieces, top cap and custom gate.  He is also considering installing the LED corbels into his fence to make sure that he has the nicest "one of a kind" fence in the zip code and in Charlie Mike Construction's portfolio.

Take a look at the pictures that we have posted below and see how this project came together!  Our gates have three hinges with a picture frame support system.  Notice that the gate is only a shell of decorative topper and the double trim and cap are not yet installed.  We are super excited about the third phase of this project which will have this fence ready to be on a website.  We would like to thank each and every customer for trusting Charlie Mike Construction with their fence replacement and we're looking to build yours next!   

This has been the greatest year so far thanks to our new partnership with Make It Rain Marketing.  We had previously been using Google, Facebook, Networx, eLocal, Yelp and other advertising agencies to promote our product but none have been more successful as Make It Rain Marketing.  If you're looking to promote your product, event, artist or company, give them a call at 903-420-0736.  You can also request services online at makeitrainseo.com.  #rainmakerseo

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