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Decorative Fence Installation by Charlie Mike Construction 469-677-7663

Decorative Fence Construction with CMCCharlie Mike Construction accepted a project recently that required a fence to do be duplicated with an existing fence that had an iron clover leaf and a Texas star header above the gate.  This board on board project was not for the amateur fence contractor and was actually bid twice by other companies before they informed this client they just couldn't do it.  We at Charlie Mike Construction can handle any commercial or residential project regardless of the size of difficulty but this one was was really challenging.  If you're looking to have a basic fence installed or would like to put some custom personal touches on your fence than let us help you.  Give us a call at 469-677-7663 (ROOF) or visit us online at
The first step was to obviously set the 11' posts 2 1/2 feet in the ground with Maximizer Concrete and then set our rails. (stringers)  Step two consisted of installing our true 1'' x 6'…

Outdoor Living Area Lighting by Charlie Mike Construction. 469-677-7663 (ROOF)

Charlie Mike Construction is your Outdoor Lighting Professional Lighting can transform a backyard, porch, deck, landscaping or outdoor living area into a completely different looking space.  Your lighting is symbolic of a fire or candle flame that lights the way for your family to see where they're going.  This can be a very romantic, inviting and accenting addition to your home that will increase your security, value and comfort.  Now is the time to see how affordable lighting can be for you home and Charlie Mike Construction is here to assist you with your selections.  Give us a call at 469-677-7663 (ROOF) or visit us online at for more information.
When it comes to outdoor lighting for patios, decks, landscaping or venues, we can help transform your project into your well lit dream.  There's many types and styles of outdoor lighting options available in our marketplace for residential and commercial projects.  Charlie Mike Construction not only bui…